Custom Drapery

Elegant Interiors in Las Vegas provides a full range of interior design services including: window coverings, window treatments, custom drapery, drapes and curtains.

A Note About Drapery, If you would like custom drapery for your home or office, here are some points to consider. Custom and semi-custom drapery are not for the frugal consumer. There are multiple costs built-in to the costs of drapery including: the style, fabric, lining, trim, hardware, the workroom and the installation. The costs vary widely and there is no way to anticipate what the final quote will be until everything is selected. If you are considering drapery I am happy to provide you with a free quote. 

Semi-Custom Drapery Definition: There are a few manufacturers that have a large selection of preselected fabrics and styles. If you choose within those fabrics and styles you can have your drapery made at a discounted price. Its a great option for those who want a custom look without a custome price.

Custom Drapery Definition: You can choose any fabric and any style (no limitations)